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Your Choice for Snore Guards in Airdrie

Snoring is an uncomfortable topic for most people to bring up but at 8th Street Dental, we offer Snore Guards to help break the stigma of snoring and to help everyone in your family, including yourself, get a good night’s sleep.

What is a Snore Guard?

A Snore Guard a dental device is used to prevent snoring. Snore guards are custom fit and are designed to hold your lower jaw forward while you are asleep. The theory of Snore Guard is that if your jaw is positioned forward, which increases the size of your upper airway, reducing the air resistance that leads to snoring.

How Does It Work?

A snore guard is designed to prevent your jaw and tongue from falling back into the throat which ultimately restricts your air passage. By positioning your lower jaw forward, snore guards have been proven to stop airway obstruction to reduce or stop your snoring.

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How Are Snore Guards Made?

Snore guards are made by taking an impression of your top and bottom teeth. We will send your impressions to our dental lab where it is made to fit your mouth specifically. Your snore guard will fit snugly over your top teeth while you sleep as it repositions your lower jaw into a comfortable position.

How to Care for Your Snore Guard:

  • Ensure that your Snore Guard is cleaned before and after each use with cold water and a toothbrush.
  • On occasion, it is important to clean the Snore Guard in cool water rinsing it thoroughly afterward.
  • Store your snore guard in the case provided. This will permit air circulation and prevent damage.
  • Keep your snore guard away from hot temperatures, such as hot water, direct sunlight, direct surfaces as this will minimize the distortion of its shape.
  • Your snore guard will have general wear throughout its use. If you detect any holes, wear or tears or if it becomes discomforting to wear, please contact us to have it examined.
  • Bring your snore guard to every visit for us to exam it.

We know that having a good night’s sleep is important to you which is why we offer snore guards to help you eliminate your snoring.