How often should dental crowns be replaced?

Dental crown be replacement Calgary

Do your dental crowns need replacing? The answer to this question depends on several factors. While some Airdrie dental clinic patients need to replace their crowns more often, others may not. The material used to make the crown, your oral health condition, diet and eating habits, and oral care all play an essential role in the life of your dental crowns.

When should the dental crown be replaced

When should the dental crown be replaced?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs that your dental crowns need replacing. 

Pain or swelling around the tooth 

If your dental crown is causing pain or swelling near the tooth, book an appointment with your Airdrie dental clinic right away. The increase in sensitivity may indicate an outdated, broken, or improperly placed crown. In some cases, a crown may only need adjustment or repair rather than a full replacement.

The gum line is receding 

There is an increased likelihood for bacteria to gather on the surface of gums around a dental crown than with a natural tooth, which can lead to gum complications. Practicing good oral hygiene helps prevent a receding gum line; however, your gums may still be impacted if the crown is improperly placed. 

Call your Airdrie dental clinic if you notice an increase in sensitivity near the gums or if your tooth looks longer, which are symptoms of a receding gum line. 

The dental crown is old

The average life span of an Airdrie dental crown is 10-15 years with proper care, depending on the material it’s made with. If the crown is older than 10 years, your dentist will keep a close eye on its condition and may recommend replacing the crown before any issues arise. 

Wear and tear

A crown that is evidently worn will likely need to be replaced. If a dental crown is worn down before it’s expected life span or you need to replace your crown, your dentist will identify any underlying issues that may be causing the damage. 

Bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw clenching, or poor oral hygiene are common reasons for the crown’s premature wear and tear. These conditions can be treated along with the crown replacement. 

Extending the life of your dental crowns

Airdrie dental crowns are designed to be a durable and reliable solution for teeth that have been severely damaged or decayed. Modern dental technology has greatly improved the lifespan of dental crowns to provide patients with a restorative solution that can last for years.

Without proper care, however, crowns can break just like a natural tooth can. Here are a few helpful tips to prolong the life of your dental crowns:

    • Brush and floss daily to prevent gum disease
    • Use a nightguard if you grind your teeth while you sleep
    • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports
    • Visit your Airdrie dental clinic regularly 

These are simple steps to take that can help your dental crowns last longer and prevent premature replacements or additional restorations. 

Dr. Rahul Mathur

Medically reviewed by Dr. Ratul Mathur - DDS, a Registered Dentist. on January 25th, 2021