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Airdrie Root Canal Therapy | 8th Street Dental8th Street Dental performs root canal therapy in order to save your teeth from extraction. Root canal treatment is used to remove the nerve inside the tooth that is diseased or dying. Unfortunately, teeth are not able to recover and heal when there is disease or trauma to the nerve which makes root canal therapy a crucial dental treatment in order to save teeth that are diseased, infected, fractured, or have become non-vital over time, reducing the need for removing these teeth.     

Busting Common Root Canal Myths

The most common myth related to Root Canal Therapy is that it is very painful. Root Canal Therapy actually relieves pain and discomfort that is common with teeth that are diseased and infection. The 8th Street Dental team pays close attention to your comfort during and after your Root Canal treatment. 

Why You May Need a Root Canal

Root canal therapy is required when the nerve inside your tooth — known as the pulp — become infected or exposed from advanced tooth decay or injury. When the hard outer layer of the tooth, called enamel has deteriorated, the nerve inside the tooth can become compromised.

When the nerve inside the tooth becomes infected or exposed, an infection called an abscess may occur inside the bone, at the tip of your root. This abscess will diminish bone surrounding the tooth and can cause severe pain and discomfort.

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Signs of an Infected or Compromised Tooth

Signs that the tooth is unhealthy are not always identified right away, but as the infection progresses, you may notice one (or more) of the following signs:

  • Pressure in the area of the infected tooth that causes a sharp pain
  • The tooth becomes reactive to hot or cold food and beverages, and the uncomfortable sensation lingers long after the source is removed.
  • The color of the tooth begins to slowly darken, indicating the nerve has died.
  • Pain and tenderness in your gums become more frequent.
  • You experience tooth pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night and affects the quality of your sleep.
  • You experience spontaneous, throbbing tooth pain and you do not experience relief when using over-the-counter pain relief medications.

Saving Your Teeth with Root Canal Therapy

Saving your natural teeth is always the first option that we consider because preserving your natural teeth is our top priority. There are times when root canal therapy is not ideal, and the need for a single tooth extraction is imminent.

When your tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy, we use single tooth extraction to relieve your pain and plan your treatment to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture to restore the function of your teeth, to prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting and to restore the aesthetics of your smile.

Preventing the Need for Root Canal

Prevent the need for a root canal therapy can be as simple as maintaining proper oral hygiene practices, choosing a healthy diet, and by wearing a sports mouth guard to prevent injury to the teeth. Scheduling regular dental visits with Dr. Rahul Mathur to diagnose and identify underlying issues before they progress also reduces your risk of infection and ultimately root canal therapy. 

We know that restoring your natural teeth for a lifetime of use is important to you which is why we offer Root Canal Therapy to help you achieve your goal for optimum dental health.