Airdrie Cosmetic Bonding | 8th Street DentalYour Choice for Cosmetic Bonding in Airdrie

At 8th Street Dental we focus on not only creating a healthy smile; we also consider the impact that dental restorations have on your natural tooth structure. Patients that are interested in enhancing the look of their teeth have the option to consider cosmetic bonding to achieve their goals. 

What is Bonding?

Cosmetic Bonding is a dental procedure that uses a white filling material to enhance the look of your natural teeth. When teeth are chipped or beginning to wear, cosmetic bonding is used protect the teeth from further damage while restoring and enhancing their natural appearance of these teeth.

Bonding Can Be Used to:

  • Whiten teeth that are stained
  • Fix teeth that are chipped or damaged
  • Close small to moderate spaces or gaps between the teeth
  • Correct the length of teeth that are different lengths

At 8th Street Dental we use bonding to camouflage many aesthetic dental concerns. Bonding is primarily used for repairing chipped and broken teeth. Dr. Rahul Mathur uses naturally beautiful, white filling material to match against the surrounding teeth — we strive to make it difficult to tell the difference between the filling and the actual tooth! In addition to chips and cracks, tooth discoloration, and mild misalignment can be addressed with Bonding.

We know that your smile is important to you and restoring the function and improving the look of your teeth with our Cosmetic Bonding is one of the many dental health services that we offer at 8th Street Dental in Airdrie.