Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month With Your Kids

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There are many beautiful qualities about your child, but one that jumps out the most is their smile. Your little one’s pearly whites are among the first things they use to greet the world! So their teeth (and oral health in general) must be maintained, and periodically visiting a children’s dentist helps facilitate that. 

And with February being National Children’s Dental Health Month, we have that all-important dental clinic reminder. But you may be curious about the significance of this occasion and what you can do to help your child adopt better oral health habits. 

Keep reading to learn more.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month recognizes and celebrates the importance of oral health. Moreover, it gathers health professionals, parents, caregivers, and other children’s dentistry experts to offer kids a promising start to their dental health.

This is an opportunity to introduce kids to the fundamentals of oral care. Brushing, flossing, healthy eating, regular dental visits, and other preventive measures are vital for maintaining your child’s dental hygiene.

Tips to Help Your Child with Better Oral Hygiene Habits

  1. Consistency – The quality of your child’s dental health is proportional to the consistency in which they employ dental hygiene basics. This is where habit comes in. Start a schedule with your little one and ensure they stick to it. Even if they’re cranky, tired, or it’s a special occasion, be sure they’re brushing and flossing every day.
  2. Try making it fun – See what you can do to make dental hygiene more fun for your child. Try playing their favourite song or reading to your youngster while they brush and floss their teeth!
  3. Lead the way – You set the tone for your children. Therefore, you must lead by example, brushing and flossing your teeth with your child until they adopt the habit as their own.

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month

It can be tricky getting your youngster to adopt the proper habits. However, if consistently practiced, these simple practices will keep your child’s smile bright for years. 

National Children’s Dental Health Month is the perfect time to encourage your little one to make these improvements. One of the best ways to get started is a dental checkup. So if your child is overdue for a dental clinic visit, contact us at Airdie 8th Street Dental today to book an appointment.

Dr. Rahul Mathur

Medically reviewed by Dr. Ratul Mathur - DDS, a Registered Dentist. on February 1st, 2024